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Product Description

For Online Teaching&Working and Web Conference Use:


  • Huion tablets are well compatible with office software like Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint. It is ideal for online teaching, remote work, web conference, presentation, and so on.


Important Notices:

1. Kindly note that Kamvas 13 is NOT a standalone product. It needs to be connected to a computer/laptop to work.

2. Connection Tips:


  • The Kamvas 13 is coming with 2 UB-C ports, which support both a 3-in-1 USB-C connection(HDMI Signal) and a full-featured Type-C connection (DP Signal).
  • USB-C on the device should at least support USB3.1 GEN1 data transfer protocol and DP 1.2. Huion full-featured cable could work for Kamvas 13.


1) For the 3-in-1 USB-C cable,


  • your computer needs to have HDMI and USB ports available for the connection, if not, you need an adapter to convert for the connection. Please be assured the USB cable & HDMI cable securely plug into your computer.
  • No need for a power adapter anymore. The 3in1 cable supports a 5V 2A charger, Any universal mobile charger can be used for power supply.


2) For the full-featured Type-C cable,


  • It is not included in the package content. It needs to be ordered separately. If you need it, please ask us for further information.
  • supports Type-C to Type-C connection to power Kamvas 13. No need to have an HDMI port or HDMI adapter.
  • The type-c port of your PC or phone needs to support USB3.1 GEN1 and DP 1.


3) Connection with Android devices,


  • A full-featured Type-C cable is needed if you want to connect Kamvas 13 with Android devices.
  • The extra power supply is needed underconnectivity with the Android device.
  • Android devices should support desktop operating systems for PC mode or DEX mode.
  • List of Compatible Android Devices:


Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10/10+/10+ 5G, Galaxy Note 10/20/10+/10+ 5G/20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/S10/S10+/10e/S20 5G/S20+ 5G/S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21 5G/S21+ 5G/S21 Ultra 5G/Z Fold/Galaxy Z Fold 2/A90 5G, Samsung Tab S4/S5e/S6/S7/S7+, Huawei P20/P30/P40, P20 Pro/P20 RS/P30 Pro/P40 Pro/P40 Pro Plus, Huawei Mate Serials.

3. Driver Installation Tips:


  • Huion driver will be regularly updated, so please go to Huion official web to download the newest driver, and install it on your computer.
  • Before installation, please uninstall Other Brand’s Driver and reboot your computer. And please close all drawing program when installing the driver.
  • For Mac Mojave (10.14) Users, please Add the “TabletDriverAgent” into the whitelist first after installing the driver on your computer.
  • Please be sure that Huion driver is compatible with the newest Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.


4. Huion PenTech 3.0


  • adpots Capacitive Pressure Sensor and stable pen nibs to provide real pen-writing feeling.


5. Huion Tech Support

If you have any problems, please check the Quick Guide and search Huion online to find a way for further assistance!

Huion drawing tablet with screen, easy and quick connection

PenTech 3.0-PW517


  • Kamvas 13 is equipped with the latest digital pen-PW517. It adopts the Huion PenTech 3.0, which enables pressure applied to be captured sensitively and lines input to be rendered in a more organic way. Battery-free pen PW517 is optimized with a highly sensitive and stable pen nib to ensure a more lifelike drawing experience as you’re using a regular ballpoint pen.